Some of our cast study their scripts while George proclaims! (l to r: Melina Cassidy, Cathrine Fuller, Monica Davis, Dennis Brown, David Wheater, Robert Jackson)

ZuZu (Makenna Gregorchuk - our youngest actor)
gets ready for her part.

Sam Wainwright (Mark Brezer), Uncle Blly (Ed Johnson), and George (Robert Jackson) deal with the money loss.

Rhona McInnes and Ken Huffman at work at the Sound Effects table.

George (Robert Jackson) ponders his next lines!

Clarence - Angel Second Class (Robert MacDonald)
waits for his chance at the mic!

Hazel Crabtree the organist (Leanne Frewin)
has trouble focusing on her script!

Uncle Billy (Ed Johnson) and George (Robert Jackson)
get going!

Miss Tilly (Monica Davis) let's Mrs Hatch
(Cathrine Fuller)
have the information

Rhona McInnes prepares for the next sound effect. Ken Huffman waits!!!